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Teachers Pay Teachers can be a little overwhelming. For the most organized and thorough list of TPT Freebies please check out Speechy Musings post “My Favorite TpT Freebies for SLPs.” Next summer I am personally tackling her list and downloading them all. For now, however, I am going to stick with my little freebie list and I want to share with you my top five. These five thrilled me so much that I felt like I was getting them illegally! They are 100% free. Check them out…


1) Speech Therapy Lesson Plans by Super Power Speech. She has divided the lessons by learning levels and provided links to supportive materials. WONDERFUL and so organized and thoughtful.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.39.47 PM

2) The SLP Starter Kit by Sublime Speech. All the basics included in this great packet. Clean and simple and very comprehensive.


3) SLP Email Templates for Teachers by Teach Speech 365. Some days you just don’t want to think of how to word professional emails… problem solved with this product. Copy and paste these email templates to save yourself the time and look flawlessly professional.


4) Speechie Clip Chart by Nicole Allison. Every teacher in my school has a clip chart… so why not us? I am super excited to print this pretty chart and use it as a positive reinforce for behavior and participation.


5) Editable Date Sheets for SLPs by Road to Speech. Three different versions of data collection sheets made by the data MASTER! This girl knows her stuff and has made this resource free for you.


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