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img_4942When I say “Nicole Allison” my speechie friends *sigh* and refer to her as their speech crush… because she is just that awesome.  She is a blogger and a TPT product producer and an all around awesome speechie.  Here is a little insight into what she does and how she does it.

  •  What school did you go to? The University of Akron (go Zips!)
  • What made you get into this profession? I actually started out going to college to be a high school math teacher like my mom (say what?!) Through a lot of relationships and God leading, I was directed to this field. I had speech therapy in elementary school for an /r/ and through that, I was able to build some relationships with some pretty neat students who were in special education, that I otherwise wouldn’t have met. That experience came back to me later in life when I was deciding my career path. 
  • Dog, cat, or other? We have a little miniature poodle named Toto. He is 12 years old and a sweetheart in our family 🙂
  •  Are you a parent? If yes any advice to working moms/dads on how to balance both (i.e. tricks of the trade, time management suggestions, etc.) Yes! I have a two year and a two month old and some days it is HARD work balancing it lol! I think we can be really hard on ourselves if we work but I’ve really tried to get over that. I try to be fully engaged when I’m with them but also know its healthy for them to observe their mommy and daddy working. They need to know that shoes/clothes/food aren’t free. I also try to incorporate them into my work as much as possible. Even small kids can help unload the dishwasher, “fold” towels, etc. They think it’s a game!
  • One mistake (or more) you made as a newbie speechie: Haha! Only One? I would probably say that during the whole first year I didn’t make time to get to know the teachers. I would eat lunch at my desk because I was just soooo busy (and I’m an introvert by nature). However, that didn’t end up helping me in the long run because I need my teachers. I need them to tell me what they’re observing in the classrooms, I need them for support, I need them to fill out those pesky checklists. So, I would really encourage new SLPs to make the time to build relationships in their district. 
  • One tip on collaborating with other professionals or parents. For parents, always, ALWAYS, start out with the positives. It’s pretty devastating to hear that your child is struggling. They need to know there are a lot of things their child CAN do. When you’re positive, it creates a trust relationship so that you can then you can be honest about their needs. 
  •  One goal (professional or personal). A goal of mine has always been to write a book. I have a lot of ideas, I just need the discipline to sit down and do it!
  •  Product you are most proud of. Hmmm…I would have to say my Articulation for Reading and Conversation resource. Coming up with those stories having exactly 20 targeted sounds took me forever! I’ve had it on my to-do list to make a version 2 but I haven’t been able to make myself do it yet!
  •  Why did you decide to be an entrepreneur and make the products that you do? I started selling on TeachersPayTeachers in the summer of 2012. It actually all came about because of the encouragement of my husband. I started blogging with no intention of making or selling resources. I remember the summer I spent SEVERAL hours making my Common Core aligned goals. I created it because I needed it. My husband was the one who said, “Well, if you need it, maybe others do too.” Since then, that’s been the whole philosophy behind my TPT store. I create out of a need for my own students and hope others can benefit from as well! 
  •  Please give a snippet of the products/services that you produce. My goal is to make resources that people think would be amazing to do with their students, but they just don’t have the time to create them. I want to be the one to take that time and make their lives a little bit easier so they can focus on the important thing-teaching.
  • Her Blog
  • Her TPT Store

My personal recommendations from her store are…

Articulation Fry Word Wall (Pink, Blue, Gold Edition). The picture is from my classroom! It looks fantastic.


“A PERFECT addition to any speech therapy room! Not only does this product add a beautiful bulletin board to your room or office, it also doubles as a strategy-based intervention for your students.
I get tired of constantly spelling words for my students and so created this word wall of Fry Words grouped by sound. Fry’s words are the words most commonly used in the English language. Now, my students have a resource to look to when spelling AND can practice their articulation sounds.

With this packet, you receive:
*20 Rectangle Sound Labels (with an additional blank label)
*20 Circle Sound Labels (with an additional blank label)
*1 “Articulation Word Wall” banner
*54 Fry words separated into the following sounds: /b,p,m,t,d,k,g,l,l-blends,f,v,s,s-blends,z,j,sh,ch,th,r,r-blends/ and one blank template.”

Articulation and Phonology Bundle Card Pack


“The ultimate package for any speech therapist! Contains 3 simple, easy-to-follow cards describing AND providing documentation for numerous articulation sounds and phonological processes. A must-have for any speech therapist needing a quick screen or insight into their kiddos’ speech progress.

This bundle package contains it all: 15 consonants with 10 example words for initial, medial and final positions, 7 /r/ forms with 10 example words for initial, medial, and final positions, 13 phonological processes, descriptions for each, plus examples, 10 sample words and an area for data collection for each section!
That’s a total of over 750 words altogether!
Consonants include: /m/,/p/,/f/,/d/,/t/,/k/,/g/,/s/,/z/,/th/,/ch/,/sh/,/j/,/l/,/r/
/r/ forms include: prevocalic /r/, /er/, /ar/, /ear/, /ire/,/or/, /air/, /r/ blends
Processes include:
*Final Consonant Deletion
*Syllable Reduction
*Stopping of Fricatives and/or Affricates
*Cluster Simplification
*Liquid Simplification
*Velar Fronting
*Palatal Fronting
*Stridency Addition”

Common Core Cans


“Perfect to use as an incentive program while demonstrating your knowledge of incorporating Common Core objectives into your therapy room!
This adorable set (perfect for grades K-5) contains:
*2 sets of labels (CCSS and Plain)
*64 Level 1 Question Strips (perfect to use with grades K-1)
*64 Level 2 Question Strips (perfect to use with grades 2-3)
*64 Level 3 Question Strips (perfect to use with grades 4 and up)
*48 Articulation Questions
*Blank Questions”

My First Week in Speech


“Everything you need to start your year off right! Students will know what to expect when they walk into their speech and language room. Stay organized, inform students of their goals and be prepared for the new school year!

In this 58 page document, you receive:
♥2 “Speech Expectations” Headers, including clip art for bulletin boards
♥10 Expectations, along with 2 blank to create your own
♥”My First Week in Speech” in both worksheet and booklet to discuss goals and expectations with your students
♥”My Speech Room” worksheet
♥”My Teachers” worksheet
♥16 “Get to Know Me” conversation cards or game
♥Documentation/Progress Monitoring sheets for 1, 2 or 3 student groups
♥Progress Monitoring sheet for students to keep track of their own progress
♥Monthly, Weekly and Daily Planner
♥Therapy Schedule Sheet
♥Award Certificates
♥Parent letters and permission form
♥Binder Covers in color and black/white for “IEPs, Intervention Data, Progress Reports, Parent Contact, Lesson Plans and Speech and Language”
♥1 and 2 inch Binder Spines”

Evidence Based Interventions


“There is often a lot of insecurity and fear surrounding those two little words “Evidence-Based” but there doesn’t need to be! I created this resource to help educators and myself easily provide vocabulary interventions that have been proven effective AND do them with little stress! This binder is the ultimate “keep close at hand and pull out every day” binder!
In this 100 page vocabulary intervention packet you receive:
♥ Material covering the interventions of context clues, affixes, keyword strategy, semantic organizers, and student definitions
♥ Current research supporting each intervention (perfect for pulling out during evaluations or for parents!)
♥ Teach sections for each intervention clearly providing instruction and material on how to effectively engage your students.
♥ Plenty of practice sections for each intervention providing many opportunities for students to develop their skills
♥ Assessment sections for each intervention to easily gauge student learning”

Thank you Nicole Allison for all you do to contribute to our profession and to the world!!!! You truly MAKE it a better place.

Please join us every week to meet a new Maker.  Thank you and bless you.

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