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Back To School Life Savers: Non-Conventional

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img_5056We are back to school. This year seems to have been particularly challenging to get back into the school routine. Maybe it’s that we are a family of five now, maybe it’s that constant internal struggle whether or not I should work at all, maybe it’s just the normal ‘back to school’ chaos.  Let me premise this with…I am not trying to sell anything.  This is just an honest account of what works for me.  I am only going to link informational links, not affiliate links unless you contact me via With that in mind, these are the five things that have held me together on this very arduous journey so far.
back to school essential oils1) Essential Oils I did NOT believe in essential oils for a long time.  I will admit that I thought it was a passing phase and only the totally “organic” mommies out there used them as a substitute for processed items.  I never gave them a second thought because I am a total drive-thru McDonalds kind of mommy because mommy likes her french fries too.  I have a wonderfully smart cousin that swore by the essential oils.  She offered up specials to me on occasion and one month I took the hook.  I sat on them for a bit, not knowing if I really wanted to commit and one night I thought “why not?”  That was the first night that my oldest son did not have several night wakings asking to be covered up.  I of course thought it was a fluke… but from that point on he has woken up a total of 5 times in 5 months verses 5 times a night.  I have since enrolled in the monthly packages and now use them everyday for energy, muscle soreness, sleeping, relaxing, etc.  It has helped me wake-up when I’ve been up nursing a baby through teething.  It has assisted my children in relaxing their “jumpy” bodies before bed.  It has aided in decreasing (basically eliminated) night wakings. All-in-all I have only scratched the surface of essential oils and I am loving it.  They have become a back to school necessity.  (If you have specific questions about essential oils or just want more information please contact me at
2) Shakeology– Again I am not trying to sell anything.  I hope that is understood.  If I can help just one person by sharing some life hacks I would be ecstatic.  I substitute a shake usually for one meal.  That meal is usually breakfast.  The mornings are never long enough to get all my pre-work things done.  On top of it, two of my three kiddos are energetic as soon as their eyes open in the morning.  By incorporating a shake I am able to concentrate on their needs and still get vitamins and minerals that my body needs.  I hope to share with you my morning and evening routines soon.  Maybe even via vblog.
3) My Planners– I have shared a brief insight into my Kikki-K personal planner where I use a combination of DIYFish inserts, bullet journaling, and Getting Things Done strategies. Check it out here.  Confession time…. I have four others.
  • back to school with my filofaxI have a hot pink filofax that I use for my private practice documentation of treatment notes and cancellations.  I refer to this explicitly for my milage, billing and payroll.  It also houses information I need to complete my job as enrollment chairperson at my son’s preschool. I keep track of every student’s contact information, when they enrolled, any drop outs, and also the parent work schedules.  If requested I can do a separate post about how I use that planner.
  • back to school meal plannerI also use a Living Well Spending Less planner for meal planning.  This is a work in progress, so I will be making a separate blog post about my struggle with meal planning.
  • back to school bullet journalMy newest planner is a Masters Leuchtturm 1917 that I use as a teacher planner (separate blog post to follow). I really didn’t know if I wanted to do this bullet journal style , but now I love it! Find it here.
  • back to school plum paper plannerLastly, I keep a Plum Paper family planner that I do a sentence-a-day to keep memories of my children. I wish I could journal longer entries for them but I struggle to just get a line done per day.img_5051
 As you can see, I am an analog gal… or am I?
4) My Iphone– You would think I operated on my paper system only given the number of planners I have right ?!?! This may be silly to list my phone but I learn more and more about different things I can do with my phone everyday!  There are blogs out there that are dedicated to showing how to workband blog with ONLY an iphone.  There seems to be an app for everything.  Some of the things I have just recently incorporated into my daily life include:
  • Evernote– I keep blog post ideas, actual blog post rough drafts, to-dos (when I can’t write it down)… anything and everything can go on this and be viewed from any device. Love it.  You can also save pictures, take meeting notes, organize documents from it as well.
  • SLPToolKit– I have added this to my homescreen so I can access my caseload (including each student’s contact information, teacher, DOB, etc.) and my schedule.  There are days I refuse to bring work stuff home, and inevitably that is when a teacher emails with a schedule question.  SLPToolKit works flawlessly on my phone.
  • Netflix– I am not joking.  With five people in the house, mommy NEVER gets the big tv… but that’s okay, because mommy can get tv on her phone.  Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t watch very much, but it does help me forget about the dishes in the sink, and the laundry that needs folded (I have no problems washing clothes but can’t stand folding and putting them away).  I save it for when I want to get a little work done but still feel like I am treating myself.  Sanity saver!
  •  YouVersion Bible App– this has every version of the bible you could want, devotionals, verse of the day, etc.  If I have more time to dedicate to the Word I can read as many chapters as I want on the app.  If I only have time for one verse, it is there. Great options for whatever your needs are.
And that’s all folks.  Sorry to pack in so much and leave out so much detail.  I am more than happy to expand on anything you have interest in.
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Bless you.

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