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Please Meet the Maker… Kristin Immicke.  She is a hard-working TPT producer and SLP.  I personally have loved getting to know her better.  She has been supportive in my blog upstart and has given me helpful feedback.  It is always a pleasure to meet a fellow speechie that encourages and offers kind words to keep you smiling.  Kristin also services both children in the schools and nursing homes.  You may recognize her name from being published in the ASHA Leader!  All-in-all she is marvelous.

  • What made you get into this profession? I was previously a teacher and just really felt that it was not the career I wanted for another 20 years.  After my daughter started speech therapy at age 3, I was in love with speech-language pathology.  After a lot of thought and prayer, I decided to take the leap and go back to school.  I have never regretted it.  I love being an SLP!
  •  What school did you go to? Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX. 
  • Are you a parent? If yes any advice to working moms/dads on how to balance both (i.e. tricks of the trade, time management suggestions, etc.) I am a mom of a beautiful (and busy) 9 year old.  Between her activities, my full-time job at the school and my part-time job at the nursing home, we stay busy!  I have an awesome planner that I love, and I make sure I use it.  I schedule in time for paperwork and Teachers Pay Teachers, but I also know my limits and when I need to cut back and rest.  That’s important, too.
  • Dog, cat, or other?  We have a cat and a dog.  Our dog is 11 years old and is the BEST dog in the world!

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  • One mistake (or more) you made as a newbie speechie. There are always going to be mistakes, but I don’t like to remember them!  LOL.  I did completely miss an IEP meeting one time.  I travel to several schools and I made the mistake of not looking at my calendar that morning.  I thought the meeting was an hour later and ended up having to participate by phone.  Luckily I was not the one leading the meeting!
  • One tip on collaborating with other professionals or parents. Communication is the key to collaboration.  Clearly communicate what your expectations are and how everyone can benefit from the collaborative efforts.  Collaboration can often be a lot of planning, but works very well when everyone sees the value in their efforts.
  • One goal (professional or personal).  My big goal as an SLP was to be published in the ASHA Leader someday.  Well, that day happened sooner than I thought!  (You can read my article here  Now I hope to present at my state convention or ASHA sometime in the future.  I think that would be scary and exhilarating!
  • Product you are most proud of.  I have a line of sudoku products that I spent HOURS on.  Each page takes quite a while to create, but I love the finished product.  I have Articulation Sudoku (Level 1, Level 2, and Cut & Glue), and Language Sudoku.  These are very special to me and my students love using it in class!
  • Why you decided to be an entrepreneur and make the products that you do.  I love the creative outlet that is Teacher Pay Teachers.  I started out thinking it would be a fun hobby.  I never realized how much I would love hearing from other SLPs about how my products have helped them and their students. I also really love the Teachers Pay Teachers community…as a buyer and a seller.  I’ve purchased so many great products on TPT and I’m completely addicted.
  • Please give a snippet of the products/services that you produce. I love to create things that help make learning fun.  I’ve also found a new love for no prep, print and go types of resources.  I like to have fun with my students and don’t always have time to plan/prep.  My sudoku products, On the Ranch Articulation, and sentence packets are great for quick in the therapy room activities or homework practice.

Please check out Kristin’s:





Here are my personal recommendations:

Articulation Sodoku Mega Bundle


Students work through each grid as they would for traditional sudoku. There are 9 rows and 9 columns divided into 9 bolded boxes with 9 squares each. Students need to look at each of the 9 boxes and determine which pictures are missing. When complete, every row and column should have each of the 9 pictures in it with no repeats.

Have students say the name of each picture in the grid to get over 80 trials per sheet!
Younger students may need some assistance, but this product has been used with students as young as kindergarten (depending on ability).
Fun for a variety of ages. A new way to target language goals.
These worksheets are great for days when you need a quick, no prep activity to work on language goals. Just print and go! Great for homework, too!
Students work through each grid as they would for traditional sudoku. There are 9 rows and 9 columns divided into 9 bolded boxes with 9 squares each. Students need to look at each of the 9 boxes and determine which picture is missing. When complete, every row and column should have each picture in it with no repeats.
Students can either draw in the missing picture, write the word in, or just complete the activity orally.
Fill in the blank phrases/sentences are also included for additional practice with each target.
Younger students may need some assistance (especially non-readers), but this product has been used with students as young as kindergarten (depending on ability). It is best for students who are able to read the pages.
15 pages total
You can bind the pages together using a comb binder and have a great grab and go resource ready to use!
Included targets:
Categories (3 pages)
Regular Verbs
Irregular Verbs
Multiple Meaning Words (2 pages)
“Who” Questions
“What” Questions
Irregular Plurals (2 pages)

This bundle contains all of my articulation cards at one low price. Additional cards will be added in the future. Buy now while the price is super low and you get all additions for free!

332 Cards Total!!!
All phonemes come with data tracking sheets for progress monitoring and recording baseline data.
You can laminate and cut the cards, or just slip the pages into sheet protectors and keep in a binder.
Initial, Medial, Final /f/ – 60 cards
Initial, Medial, Final /s/ – 60 cards
Initial, Medial, Final /t/ – 45 cards
Initial, Medial, Final /d/ – 45 cards
/s/ blends – 35 cards
Voiced & Voiceless /th/ – 20 cards
Multisyllabic /l/ words – 12 cards
Multisyllabic words (variety of phonemes) – 55 cards
This visual can be used when working on yes/no questions. Cut apart and use in low tech AAC devices, print and laminate, or use from the screen.
This file contains a pacing board for tracking slow speech and a visual for smooth and bumpy speech.
Are you looking for a NO PREP articulation activity? On the Ranch Articulation is a fun way to practice! Print and go black and white and full color pages included! This product includes early developing sounds only.

Thank you Kristen of Talkin’ With Twang for all you do to contribute to our profession and to the world!!!! You truly MAKE it a better place.

Please join us every week to meet a new Maker.  Thank you and bless you.image

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  1. Talking with Twang is a TPT seller I had just recently been following and quickly decided I love her products, so happy to be informed about Kristen now!

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