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Teach Speech 365 - Meet Your MakerWelcome to this weeks edition of Meet Your Maker where we get to learn more about those famous speech therapy entrepreneurs.  We are going to get up close and personal this week with… Teach Speech 365.  My very first Teachers Pay Teachers purchase was from her shop!  I have included my personal recommendations below.  Teach Speech 365 also has a great blog where you can grab freebies and get therapy ideas and recommendations.  This is a must see! Here is more about this awesome speech crush…


  • What made you get into this profession? I was diagnosed with an APD in college. I took a few courses in the communication disorders track and loved them! 


  • What school did you go to? University at Buffalo


  • Are you a parent?  I am a new mama! This school year will teach me a lot about balancing both!


  • Dog, cat, or other? No pets!


  • One mistake (or more) you made as a newbie speech. Treating phonological disorders as articulation disorders – I’ve since learned the Cycles approach and love it!


  • One tip on collaborating with other professionals or parents. Talk to them! Stop by teachers’ rooms to chat and email when you need to. For parents, open email communication and tell them not to hesitate to contact you!


  • One goal (professional or personal). Attend ASHA as a blogger


  • Product you are most proud of. Flip Clip Bundle I use these flip books ALL THE TIME!


  • Why you decided to be an entrepreneur and make the products/website that you do. Initially, it started out as a venture to try to earn money to pay off my student loans. After almost 4 years, it’s much more than that. I like to blog because I love to share ideas with other SLPs. I make products that my students need and that I believe will save time for other SLPs. It’s connected me with so many other bloggers and I love that!


  • Please give a snippet of the products/services that you produce. I currently work with preschool thru 6th grade. My products range in focus from articulation to language. I do have seasonal products, but I really like to create non-seasonal products because then I can pull them out any time. I have a series of interactive/reverse interactive books, free monthly no prep worksheets that address a variety of goals, the flip books that I mentioned above, plus many more resources!

Check her out here…

Blog: www.teachspeech365.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeachSpeech365 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teachspeech365

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/teachspeech365

My Personal Recommendations:

This is an informal assessment for functional life skills. It is not standardized; however, it should provide SLPs with valuable information regarding a student’s abilities in this area. The age range for this assessment will vary based on the student’s abilities. You may wish to administer some or all of the assessment.
-Data sheets
-Safety signs: Present each sign and ask the student what it means. You may also name a sign and have the student receptively identify it.
-Personal hygiene WH questions: There are 8 basic hygiene questions with visual choices.
-What Do You Need?: Present the short situation to the student and ask what item is needed for the situation. Visual choices are included.
-How To: Ask the student how to do basic routines, such as ordering at a restaurant, paying at a store, etc.
-Money Matters: you can match or present the cards and have the student name the value
-Safe or Not Safe?: Present each situation to the student and ask if it is safe “thumbs up” or not safe “thumbs down”
-Community Occupations: Present each occupation and have student name the occupation. You may also name an occupation and have the student receptively identify the occupation.
-Classroom Behavior: Present each situation to the student and ask if it is a good choice “thumbs up” or a poor choice “thumbs down”
-Basic Routines: This portion can be completed by observation and/or with teacher input. Mark whether student can perform these skills independently (+), with prompts (P), or not at all (-)
-Name Category: Present each set of items and have student name the category
-What Doesn’t Belong?: Present each set of items and have student identify the item that doesn’t belong
This document includes 35 tongue twisters each for SH, CH, TH, J, S, Z and R. It gives you a total of 245 different sound-loaded sentences! Great for sentence level articulation practice! If you liked the TH freebie, you’ll love this product!
It’s a zoo out there! A speech and language zoo, that is. Your students will be practicing a multitude of speech/language skills. Each animal’s cage features a different skill for a total of 22 different commonly targeted skills. Visit only the animals you need to. At each cage, students can earn tickets for answering correctly (page 6 – print and cut out tickets or have students color in a ticket). All cards include blank ones to add your own! Targets included: articulation, synonyms, antonyms, categories, idioms, inferences, similarities, differences, attributes, verbs, prepositions, main ideas, plurals, Wh questions, etc.

Help the polar bears learn social skills! There are a total of five different activities, which each include a visual reminder page and 18 cards (total of 90 cards!)

-Topic Initiation: visual reminder page + 18 cards (help Peter decide how to initiate a topic)
-Topic Maintenance: visual reminder page + 18 cards (decide if Phillip’s response to Penny is on topic)
-Appropriate responses: visual reminder page + 18 cards (decide how Paige should respond in various situations – multiple choice)
-Emotions: visual reminder page + 18 cards (decide how Paula feels in a given situation)
-Tone of Voice: visual reminder page + 18 cards (decide how Parker should say the given sentence)
BONUS: coloring page for students to color and game board
Thank you Teach Speech 365 for all you do to contribute to our profession and to the world!!!! You truly MAKE it a better place.image

Please join us every week to meet a new Maker.  Thank you and bless you.

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