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imageI am beyond proud and excited to introduce this weeks “Meet Your Maker”Speech Time Fun.  This girl is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! She offers: treatment materials, videos, tutorials, blog launch classes, etc. !!! Her videos alone place her on my “must watch” list.  She has such a great personality and wonderful regional accent. You have to follow her on all social media because this girl comes up with helpful tips and ways to make everything FUN! Check her out below and finally Meet this Maker.
  • What made you get into this profession?

I love helping children and making a difference.  I love the problem solving aspect of the field and that each day is different.

  • What school did you go to?

University at Buffalo for undergrad and Adelphi University for masters.

  • Are you a parent? 

Yes.  Time management is key so that you don’t have to bring too much work home.  Planners, Post-Its, reminder apps, whatever it may be to keep track of deadlines.

  • Dog, cat, or other? Please feel free to share pets and names.

Animal free here.

  • One mistake (or more) you made as a newbie speechie.

Not asking for help and thinking I knew all the answers.

  • One tip on collaborating with other professionals or parents.

Many professionals need that push or encouragement to collaborate.  Parents can be the same way.  Show them the benefits, start the conversation.

  • One goal (professional or personal).

To bring healthier lunches to work 🙂

  • Product you are most proud of.

Articulation Stories: check it our HERE.speech time fun- speech therapy materials



  • Why you decided to be an entrepreneur and make the products that you do.

I love being creative and trying to find fun ways to meet my students’ needs.  I started creating my own materials back in graduate school.  I realized that I could make them digital and share them with SLPs around the world to help make their lives easier.

  • Please give a snippet of the products/services that you produce .
 On my blog I share quick tips and tricks for busy SLPs.  In my TpT store, you can find a wide variety of products from quick activities that don’t take long to prepare or comprehensive activities that can be used month after month to work on goals.  I love to incorporate fun into my therapy sessions and my products and blog reflects that.

Make sure to check her out on all the social media sites…

Speech Time Fun: Hallie Sherman (Miss Speechie)


Here are my personal recommendations from her TPT store/Blog…

Learn tips and tricks for coming up with consistent content, standing out from the crowd, blogging on the go, and time management hacks!
This pack contains TONS of graphic organizers for skill such as vocabulary, auditory comprehension, sequencing, and more! This pack is a great tool for SLPs to teach these skills, but it can also be used in the classroom, ESL, or with reading specialists. Activities to teach how to use these graphic organizers are provided, as well as blank organizers for use with your own vocabulary/stories. Generic themes, backgrounds, and vocabulary are used. I targeted common categories and vocabulary.
Many kids need assistance with social skills, not just those in speech therapy. These social skills activities cover a plethora of themes, so that you can use them any time of the year, and they target several different goals. Get your students talking and interacting with these no prep activities!

-One page activities that can be easily printed for ready to go activities. Recommended to use with other themed activities to teach vocabulary.

-Students should cut below the line and glue the pictures in the appropriate boxes while using the sentence strip!
Students can color the pictures too since they’re all in black-and-white!
-Goals addressed with this activity:
Answering wh- questions
Building theme vocabulary
Expanded utterance length
Following directions
Object function
And more!
Themes included:
-Teacher vs. lifeguard
-Teacher vs. student
-Witch vs. pirate
-Squirrel vs. boy
-Pilgrim vs. Indian
-Feast vs. parade
-Tree vs. Santa
– snowman vs. boy
-cupid vs. girl
-rainbow vs. Leprechaun
-bunny vs. chick
-flower vs. butterfly
-mother vs. father
-camper vs. lifeguard
-classroom vs. pool
Are you looking for a quick and easy way to document data during group therapy sessions? Are you sick of using Post-Its, five different data forms at one time, or trying to remember the data to document later? This free resource is the answer you’ve been seeking! Gather data effortlessly and easily with the help of these forms!
Thank you Speech Time Fun for all you do to contribute to our profession and to the world!!!! You truly MAKE it a better place.


Please join us every week to meet a new Maker.  Thank you and bless you.

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