Be Part of Team Not a Group

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imageTeam building is an important and somewhat routine practice in most institutions.  Human resources and management always encourage “team work” and “team strategies;” and let’s be honest we WANT to feel part of a team.  It is a comforting place to be.  We feel supported and encouraged and valued when we belong to a cohesive team.  So- is that how you feel? Supported? Encouraged? Valued?  If the answer is yes- then great! You have a great team.  If the answers were no- then most likely you are part of a group.


I wish I could say I am part of a team at my school.  With my speech partners- yes I am part of a team.  With most of my teachers – yes I am part of a team.  Then there are those couple of what I delicately call “stragglers.”  They are the ones that take a lot of time to warm up and open up.  They make me feel like I am working BESIDE them and not WITH them.  I am only a part of their group. *Sigh* But don’t lose heart! Being the communications minor that I am, I am diligently working on these couple of “rocks.”  Here are my 5 strategies…



  1. Kill them with Kindness– no matter how much negativity someone puts out in the world, I do not think it is right to return negativity back.  No one can force me to fight fire with fire and I do not want people to ever see me like that. You choose your own actions and reactions.
  2. Learn about their Love Language– I am a firm believer in love languages.  If you find out what love language they are they might be able to understand your good intentions better.
  3. Keep Trying– persistence is key.  It expresses two very important things. It says that you try and keep trying against all odds.  It also conveys dedication-which speaks to people as well.
  4. Take a Stand– make your mind up that you are going to like this person no matter what.  A positive mindset can change how you look at someone and how your actions are seen by that person as well.  I have found that a negative thought can be read on my face from a mile away.
  5. Share your Goals– make it clear that you are on the same side and have the same goals as them.  You are both there to help educate children.  A job which cannot be taken lightly.

I will keep you posted on my progress.  If you have any suggestions please comment.


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4 thoughts on “Be Part of Team Not a Group

  1. Great ideas! I’ve even had to use some of these strategies with my more difficult students! I think that if you are mostly in teams, at your workplace, you are in a good place! Some people are not team players, and it is okay to have an amicable working relationship that helps the students. Better that than feeling like you failed! Keep working at it and enjoying the rest of your team!

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